Christmas is such a fun time to laze around the house for a few days of rest and recuperation and spend quality time with the family. It means you get to hang out with your dogs too.  Its a great time for all the family to interact including the pets.

Lots of walks and outdoor activities are fabulous this time of the year, but if you at home or the weather is bad,  I thought it would be fun to find some games that you can play with the kids and the dogs so the whole family can get involved.

1   Hide some treats around the house, some for the kids and some for the dogs.  Then see who finds them the quickest.  I know who my money is on!

2,  All that wrapping paper and boxes, before you bin it, pile it up, hide some treats amongst it and let the dogs in, they get a lot of enrichment from this activity and it helps with confidence building dealing with the rustling paper and putting their heads in an unfamiliar item, like a box.  Dogs love to forage and this will really get those noses sniffing, make them work for those treats.

3. If you want some quiet time, fill a Kong with some tasty filling. I often use a bit of their dinner kibble, mixed with some banana or some treats, I get it wet and fill the kong, then I fill the end with peanut butter ( make sure it doesn’t contain Xylitol as it is poisonous to dogs) I then put it in the freezer for a couple of hours.  It will last my dogs a couple of hours and they really enjoy it. They could have this while you all snuggle up for a movie. Not only is it a really tasty treat, it is very enriching as it makes your dog use their brain to get to the food, this is a great way to  stimulate them.  Almost guarantee they will then sleep for a while.

4.  Get three pots, these could be big plant pots and use favourite toys or little pots and use treats.  Hide the toy or the treat under one of the pots and the dog or the children have to guess/find which one.

5.  Dog Agility,  Make an obstacle course, you can use a hula hoop to jump through,  the broom handle to jump over, cushions to stand on, make a tunnel behind the sofa with blankets, use your  imagination and find all sorts of things around the house.  The kids can join in and  do it too.  

Merry Christmas Everyone.

Love Mel , Tedd and Delphine xx