About Forsyth and Tedd


Forsyth and Tedd was founded by me, Mel Forsyth, and my Spanish rescue dog, Tedd.

Tedd is a rescue Spanish Podenco who feels the cold, so what better thing to do than start a business making coats for my Podenco pooch.


What We Do

Here at Forsyth and Tedd we design and make stylish clothing for dogs – primarily sighthound shaped dogs like Whippets but that said we cater to all shapes and sizes, big or small.

We use gorgeous, unique and high-quality fabrics that look and feel great and our custom designs mean our clothing is practical and versatile.

You can check out our full range products here – there’s something to tempt every hound and human!

Forsyth and Tedd dog coats

How it started: Tedd’s Story

Tedd Rescue Podenco 8 weeks

Tedd at Ibizan Hound Rescue 8 weeks old.

I really, really wanted a dog and I really wanted to rescue so I spent my time trawling the internet and social media following all the rescue societies I could.

The moment I saw a photo of Tedd my heart melted and I knew it was going to be inevitable. I had never heard of a Podenco and once I did some research I knew I had to help him.

His mum was undoubtedly a hunters dog who was either kicked out or got lost on the streets as, heartbreakingly, hundreds do.

She found a safe place to give birth to her litter of puppies – in a storm drain on the side of a busy road which is when Ibizan Hound Rescue stepped in.

Tedd in a red Forsyth and Tedd Snood

Tedd in a red snood

Initially, it was impossible to get near as Mum was so nervous and would bolt when anyone approached. They built a low fence around the mouth of the drain, allowing the mum to get in and out to feed her pups but keeping the puppies safe from the road. They then fed them over a period of days until both Mum and pups were rescued and taken into the centre for treatment.

Tedd and his siblings were all rehomed successfully. His Mum remains in Spain in a great foster home as her terrible experience in her short life has left her was such a fear of humans. She is gradually learning to trust but I don’t think she will ever be completely happy in our company.

I remember the excitement of waiting for the date to arrive for Tedd to leave Spain and travel to Cornwall. The minute Tedd arrived I was completely besotted and determined to ensure he never wants for anything.

One of the things I was aware of was, he feels the cold. He is used to living in a hot climate and Cornwall can be damp and chilly! I decided to buy him a coat to keep him warm and dry.

After several attempts to buy him something, I realised that we had a problem. Tedd is long in the body but narrow in the girth. No coats fitted him in any pet shop. I ended up ordering online from abroad;  the cost of shipping was high and when the coat arrived it still didn’t fit properly.

It was this point that the seeds of an idea for Forsyth and Tedd was born. I decided the only solution was to learn to sew so I could dress him properly.

Tedd's first coat

Tedd’s first coat!

I enrolled on a beginners sewing course and instantly fell in love with the creative process.

Before I knew it, I had started drawing ideas of what sort of coat I wanted for Tedd.

Since then, I have designed and made several styles. Tedd has been the most patient model and seems to love the camera.

I take so many photos of him I ended up starting his own instagram page .

Everyone who saw Tedd loved his coats and always asked where I got them. When I told them I made them, everyone told me they were great and if I ever decided to sell them, they would buy one.

A few photos later and with a lot of hard work, I am pleased to say I am dressing some gorgeous dogs, not just in the UK but around the world.

I’m also about to start another new venture which will become clear soon and Tedd has a sister, Delphine, who you can read more about here!