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Turmeric For Dogs, whats all the fuss about!


Turmeric has been used medicinally for centuries. You may be familiar with it in your spice drawer and add it to your curry. There are reportedly many benefits to be found in this yellow root, for humans and…

Dinnertime fun for your Pooch


What we feed our dogs is so important,  after all,  by domesticating them, we have removed their ability to fend for themselves so they rely on us for their food. It’s a massive responsibility to ensure we feed…

How do you create a Dog Shop!?

Small Business

That first day, stood in the shop for the first time, my imagination soaring, visualising all the great brands I could sell.    How hard can it be right??   ……… As it turns out, REALLY HARD!  No one…

Ugly duckling into a swan

Small Business

The shop was such an ugly room, magnolia walls, ghastly beige carpet, fluorescent strip lights …. a truly  beige and boring room.  If you know me, you will know I have a love of interiors and a feed…

When the dots join up

Small Business

I’ve often heard people talk about pivotal moments in their own lives and say ‘ it was meant to be’ or ‘it just felt right.’ For 12 years I’ve worked for a national company. I loved my job,…