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ARE YOU TAKING YOUR DOG ON HOLIDAY THIS YEAR? With less foreign holidays and more dog owners, this year will see more people taking their holiday in the UK and taking their dog with them. So whether you…


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Canine Enrichment is definitely a buzz word at the moment. Have you wondered what it is all about? Well, simply put, it is about stimulating your dog in other ways apart from physical exercise; exercising your dogs  brain…


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This month we welcome a guest post from one of our lovely customers  who has a keen interest in photography and owns the stunning Mus. This is what Tig has to say … It doesn’t matter whether you’re…

Take Part in a Virtual Dog Show to Raise Funds For Coronavirus

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We’re partnering with Dog Furiendly and other dog-related businesses, to support Bark Aid, a virtual dog show that will raise funds for charities that desperately need support to cope with Coronavirus (COVID-19). We all know that COVID-19 is…

5 Fun Christmas Games

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    Christmas is such a fun time to laze around the house for a few days of rest and recuperation and spend quality time with the family. It means you get to hang out with your dogs…

Turmeric For Dogs, whats all the fuss about!

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Turmeric has been used medicinally for centuries. You may be familiar with it in your spice drawer and add it to your curry. There are reportedly many benefits to be found in this yellow root, for humans and…