What we feed our dogs is so important,  after all,  by domesticating them, we have removed their ability to fend for themselves so they rely on us for their food.

It’s a massive responsibility to ensure we feed them a balanced diet and keep their weight under control and ensure their health and wellbeing.

I am no expert on dog nutrition but I do take an interest in what I feed my dogs and ensure I always check the label and like to keep their diet healthy.  You only need to go to a supermarket or your local pet store to see just how much variety of food there is on offer; it’s overwhelming.

More and more these days, people are raw feeding.  I think is great and very natural but for my dog family it just didn’t work.  I do not have the freezer space and I kept forgetting to defrost their dinner!  Instead, I feed a diet of dry kibble.

There are lots of brands on the market so really good and some terrible, so alway do your own research and check the label. My preference is Kitas Kitchen which we sell in the shop and you can buy it online here.

I like everything about this brand, the kibble is grain free, has a minimum of 50% meat and it is sweet potato based so its easy on the tummy and comes in a variety of flavours with added omega 3.  its also in compostable packaging – so that is a huge tick in the box for me!

Let’s face it, kibble looks a bit bland so I like to liven up mealtime.

Once or twice a week, we have ‘doggy tapas’ night. I saw the idea on the Canine Science website.

I reduce the amount of kibble to about half of their daily allowance and then add extra bits to liven up their plate.  I group the individual items together and do not mix it all up.  It gives my dogs a delicious healthy dinner with added texture and flavour.  They even eat fruit and vegetables they won’t consider if I try to feed it as a treat.

Tonight is doggy tapas night!

So what’s in the bowl?

Half the usual portion of Kitas Dog food

Kita’s dog food is the kibble I use and sell in my shop.  It is grain free, contains 50% min meat and has added vitamins and omega 3.  There is not preservatives or nasties!  Its also in a compostable bag so thats a bonus for me.  You can order online direct from Kita’s Kitchen or buy from my shop

1 tsp of Golden paste  

Golden Pate is is turmeric and it has enormous health benefits.  Humans have used it for thousands of years and it is now available for your dog.  It is an excellent anti-inflammatory and therefore excellent for joints and arthritis in your dog.  It is good for the blood, the brain, the skin and circulation.  Helps liver and heart function.   Pretty much everything.  You can read more about it here

Golden Paste – Turmeric for Dogs


1 tsp of coconut oil


Who hasn’t hear about coconut oil, it’s healthy and delicious and my dogs love it!  I could write a whole post on the benefits of this – perhaps I will.

For now, just know that in moderation, coconut oil is great for skin, circulation, digestion and contains fatty acids that break down immediately for use and are not stored, thus helping with weight loss.


1 tbs Kefir 

Kefir is a live culture probiotic which is great for the gut and breaks down yeast.

1 dollop of Forthglade – any flavour

Forthglade is made form 100% natural ingredients and has not nasty additives.  We stock this in our shop

Fresh Fruit and Vegetables, not only are these really healthy – they add great crunch and texture.

Do check before you add them as certain fruits and veg are poisonous to dogs!  I’ve used a few blueberries, a chopped up cucumber and some red pepper.  I’ve also used raw broccoli, carrot and strawberries previously.

 A sprinkling of sprats – YUM!  

Tasty Sprats Dog Treats from Forsyth And Tedd


My dogs love sprats.  The are a great source of Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids and really healthy.

They are great as a training treat too. You can find them in my shop here.







One last ingredient to consider is the bowl itself!  

Handmade Dog Bowls from Forsyth and Tedd

I use our hand thrown,  hand glazed bowl and think their dinner looks amazing 🙂

The bowls sit so nicely in my decor that I’m happy leaving them out all the time.

They are so attractive and made by a talented potter exclusively for us.

Hand thrown and hand washed with the glaze, simply stunning!

Since you’ve made it to the end of my blog I want to let you know I will be running a flash sale on them this weekend.   The stock is extremely limited and each one is unique.  So keep your eyes peeled for the offer.

So that’s it,  its great fun for your dog, they really enjoy the variety and its very enriching for them to experience.

Do this once or twice a week even if you raw feed you can still add bits to liven up the plate.