Ibizan Hound Rescue


If you didn’t already know, Tedd is a Podenco. One of the most proud, handsome, agile, eager, loving , friendly, goofy dogs you could wish for. Who wouldn’t want this dog as part of their family?

He is a Spanish rescue dog. Sadly there are literally thousands of dogs like Tedd living the most horrendous life in Spain. They are owned by hunters who abuse them beyond imagination. I won’t detail the cruelty, it is sickening. A quick internet search will find out.

If you are thinking about getting a dog, then I urge you to give a Spanish rescue a chance.

Rescue Logos

Tedd came from Ibizan Hound Rescue, and Delphine from Podenco Friends.

I can honestly say, both of these rescues work tirelessly to not only give the dogs a chance of life, some of them come in so injured or starved it’s a fight for them to survive, but also to ensure the dogs in their care are mentally ready to live in your home as part of your family.

All too often I hear that rescue dogs have ‘issues’ and ‘I need to know what I’m getting so I’ll buy from a breeder’ it’s absolute rubbish , a dog from a breeder will still need house breaking and training.

Our dogs are what we make them and you get out what you put in, regardless of breed.


So I urge you to please consider a Podenco or a Galgo in your search. You will be so glad you did…..

I am more than happy to speak of my experience or answer any questions you may have if you are considering it and want to know the process.