Meet the family


Our family consists of me (Mel), Tedd, Delphine and the cats, Charlie and Lollie.

Mel Forsyth of Forsyth and Tedd Dog Clothing & Accessories


Hi, I’m Mel the sole owner and creator of Forsyth and Tedd and have lived, here, in Cornwall for most of my life!

I relish a challenge, being creative and love my animals, so setting up and running this business after a career in retail is my dream come true. Seeing my creations on other peoples dogs and knowing they look and feel great makes me really proud.

When I’m not working on designs or orders, you’ll find me out and about in the Cornish countryside with my dogs – if you spot me, be sure to say hi!

Tedd relaxing in his chair.


Tedd! Well, what can I say?! The instigator and heart and soul of this business, he’s my funny, hairy Podenco mix.

Rescued from Spain as a puppy, he loves pigs ears and sleeping more than anything in the world. He always gets the best chair, the softest cushion and most popular toy because he deserves.

Luckily, he’s a great looking model for all my dog clothing as I’m sure he knows how good he looks!



Delphine is the baby of the family, but clearly going to be the biggest. Delphine is a 9 month old (March 2019) Podenco Ibicenco also rescued from Spain.

A bad start saw her born premature, orphaned and stop breathing on her third day alive! Thankfully she was revived and is now a very clumsy, long-legged lunatic with an identity crisis – at 68cm tall and 20 kilos she thinks she’s a lap dog and though she definitely won’t fit,  she won’t stop trying.

Delphine has a penchant for rolling in any new outfit she wears, preferably prior to her photo being taken. When she does keep still, she is just a stunning model for all our dog clothes and accessories, I think you’ll agree.

Charlie and Lollie the cats


Brother and sister, Lollie and Charlie rule us all, they were here first after all.

Lollie thinks she is a dog and will come to the whistle for chicken and Charlie is a heavyweight who will muscle in to get on any lap. Like most cats, he particularly likes the laps that belong to non-cat lovers!