Our dogs diet consists of their main meals and we make up the rest of their diet with treats.  It is therefore essential that we ensure the treats we give are at least the same quality as the expensive food we feed them.

So often as dog owners we put in effort and spend time researching the best brands of dog food on the market best suited to our dog. We ask our vet, we research and take advice before choosing the right brand of food for our dog, often choosing a very expensive option to ensure they get the very best nutrition.  Then when we are shopping in the supermarket we pick up bags of treats and add them to our cart.

Sadly the truth behind many of the commercial dog treats found on the supermarket shelf is that they are damaging the health of your dog.  During the manufacturing process the treats are exposed to very high temperatures and heavy processing, altering the chemical composition and losing any nutritional benefit.

As a result manufacturers have to add artificial ingredients which add toxins to your dogs diet which can actually lead to disease.  Your dog can then start having gut issues, allergies, skin irritation and a dull flaky coat.

So what is the solution?

Well you could prepare you own treats at home and there are a lot of natural products found at home to do that.  Or you can feed natural treats found in specialist pet shops and our own Dog Deli treat boxes.

Here are our top five favourite natural treats.


  • High in protein. Great for building healthy muscle.
  • These are low in fat.
  • Perfect shape to feed any dog including puppies.
  • The fur  doesn’t digest so helps clean the intestines as they go through the system helping your dog better absorb the nutrients in their food.
  • Low odour


  • You may believe a Pig ear is fatty, but in fact it is low fat as it made of cartilage .
  • It is a great longer lasting treat.
  • Very good at cleaning teeth, including the back teeth dogs really have a good time gnawing on it.
  • Contains glucosamine and chondroitin which is very good for joints.
  • Low odour.


  • You can’t get much healthier than fish skin. They are high in easily digestible, high-quality proteins, oils and fats.
  • Rich in Omega-3, which helps improve heart, eye. brain, skin and joint health.
  • Twisted into a long strip which is long lasting and satisfying for your dog.
  • Great for cleaning teeth and oral health.
  • Medium odour.


  • Brain food due to containing selenium and vitamin B12.
  • Very Palatable.
  • High in Protein with amino acid.
  • Low in fat but high in calories, so only feed around 3 sticks per week.
  • Medium/high odour – the smellier they are the more the dogs love them.


  • High concentrations of glucosamine and chondroitin, excellent for joint care and are a good replacement for supplements.
  • Very crunchy so perfect to clean teeth.
  • Low fat
  • Low odour

So there you have our top 5 best natural dog treats that your dog is sure to love.  There are many more natural treats available with great health benefits so we encourage you to research and maybe skip that supermarket bag in favour of something more natural for your pup.


We set up our own Dog Deli some years ago because I was unable to find treats I felt confident feeding and as much as I like to make treats for my dog at home, truthfully I rarely have the time.  As our dog deli treat boxes became more popular we started to offer the service as a monthly subscription dog treat box.  This has now been running for a number of years and is very popular with our furry customers.

This is a great way to try natural treats as the boxes contain a great variety, hand picked by myself to ensure your dog gets a tasty, healthy box of treats delivered straight through your door every month.  Our customers tell us how their dog knows when the postman delivers their box because they get very excited.



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