Alpaca Wool Dog Hat – Fall Medley Red

Keep your pup warm and stylish with Alqo Wasi´s Alpaca hat. It’s made with super soft Alpaca fiber for maximum comfort anywhere your fashionable adventures take you. Beautifully made with great attention to detail.



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Alpaca Hats

XS10-12 inches / 25-30 cms.ChihuahuaYorkie

Poodle Toy



Mini Dachshund

Jack Russell

S12-14 inches / 30-35 cms.MalteseBichon

Mini Dachshund


Jack Russell


Scottish Terrier

M14-16 inches / 35-40 cms.French BulldogJack Russell




Cavalier King Charles

Boston Terrier

L / XL16-17 inches / 40-43 cms.Welsh CorgiCocker Spaniel

Doodle Mixes





Washing Instructions

Hand-washing is the gentlest method of cleaning an alpaca garment. Follow these four steps and your purchase will give your four legged companion years of luxurious comfort and wear.

1. Gently wash in warm water with a mild soap or shampoo and thoroughly rinse in water of the same temperature. Specialcare must be taken as wet alpaca fabric can weaken and stretch out of shape. Never wring or twist. Gently press excess water from garment.

2. Lay it on a dry towel. Ease the garment back into shape and roll up in the towel. Press to remove excess water and repeat this step with a second towel.

3. Lay the sweater flat to dry on a fresh, dry towel, until thoroughly air dried.

4. Never hang an alpaca sweater as it will stretch the garment out of shape. Lay flat in a drawer or on a shelf.

If stains persist: Dry cleaning may be the only solution.

We do not recommend machine washing. In the event you decide to use washing machine please secure the garment in a tied pillowcase and set on gentle cycle; cool water. Do not tumble dry.


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