Dog Collar Martingale – Birds And The Bees


Your daily walk is essential but definitely not boring in our luxury range of collars and leads.

Birds and Bees collar is so pretty with a deep jewel undertone scattered with flowers with hummingbirds and bees.  Please note that this is  a handmade item and therefore pattern placement will vary .

See below for sizes. Please measure your pup carefully including the width, if you are unsure please contact us to avoid costly mistakes.




Our new range of collars and leads are finally here.

Whether you are strolling in the city or racing through the countryside, we aim to keep you comfy, happy and  looking stylish!

All collars have been made with a sturdy webbing core.   Our fabric is sourced direct from the designer and printed on 100% cotton.  Our hardware is made of metal and can be recycled once finished with.

Please take your time to ensure you measure correctly and choose the most suitable size for your dog.

There is a post on the blog about the different styles of collars if you want more information but it is worth noting that martingale collars do not have a buckle, they slip over the head so you need to ensure your dogs widest point of their neck and head  (usually just behind the ears) will fit into the size adjustment range.

Martingale collars are most usually worn by sighthounds because they have slim heads, nearly as slim as their necks so they slip their collar very easily if startled.  The martingale is designed to tighten if this happens, preventing the head from pulling out of the collar.


XS – Width – 3.8cm/1.5′ – 3.8cm/2″ | Adjustment range 9 – 13″inches (23-33cm)

Small – Width – 3.8cm/1.5′ – 3.8cm/2″ | Adjustment range 11-15″inches (28-38cm)

Medium – Width – 3.8cm/1.5′ – 3.8cm/2″| Adjustment range 15-17″inches (38-43cm)

Large – Width – 3.8cm/1.5′ – 3.8cm/2″ | Adjustment range 16-20″inches  (41-51cm)

2″ width is quite chunky and  is normally worn by larger Podenco, Galgo and  Greyhounds.  Whippets and smaller sighthounds better suit 1.5″ width.  If in doubt, get in touch.

There are several hardware options, all are metal.


Black, Brass, Rose Gold, Silver

Collar Width


Collar Size

Extra Small, Large, Medium, Small


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