Dog Deli Monthly Treat Subscription Box

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Get your dog a delicious box of their favourite natural treats and chews delivered every month with our dog deli treat box service.

The treats are all 100% natural.  Some boxes have samples to try each month and our Deluxe box includes a quality toy.

See below for all the details.

Please note * currently only available within the UK.

If you prefer a one off deli box, please see here.

From: £9.99 / month



My main priority is your dogs health and well being , so I give a lot of thought to what goes in your treat box.


It must be natural.   No artificial colours or flavours.  All the treats in the box are mostly air dried which helps retain nutrients making them the best choice to feed your dog. You will receive  a selection from the dog deli which will include a variety of treats   like, pigs ear, rabbit ear, pig snout, chicken feet, fish skin twirls, pork rind roll, beef jerky, pork spaghetti, oobs, oxtail, beefy stix, jerky, tripe and lots more. They vary each month.


Looking out for our planet is also a priority,   the packaging is cardboard so you can recycle and most of the toys are made from eco friendly materials too, or can be recycled once you are finished with it.


Natural treats are by far the better choice for your dog, they taste utterly delicious, they are the healthy option compared to most supermarket treats.  Our dogs have a natural instinct to chew which they find very satisfying and enriching, so I aim to ensure that even the smallest box will have some long-lasting chews to keep the boredom at bay and provide stimulation which is so vital to their mental health .

Did you know that chewing is as effective as a long walk to tire your dog out?  Any kind of activity that involves their brain promotes calm behaviour. Each month depending on which box you choose,  your dog will receive a good variety of treats and chews in their box and the deluxe box will include a brain game or toy.

–  Puppy Boxes – Young pups with needle teeth benefit from something to chew rather than your table legs.  A Puppy box will have a variety of chews more suitable for a pup and include a bag of sprats or a bag of training treats.  Please state age and breed at the checkout.

– Taster Boxes – will contain a minimum of 5 treats of varying size.  They are brilliant if you are trying natural treats for the first time.  This would be a good taster box, which you can then upgrade to a bigger box for the next month.

– Premium Boxes – A great variety of natural treats and chews and will occasionally  have a small sample of something new, usually a treat or a new food item for you try.

– Deluxe Box – for the pampered pooch.  Your box will contain a great variety of natural treats, something new to taste each month and a quality toy to play with.

Your subscription will be monthly.  Once set up with a card payment via Stripe, you will be able to access your own personal account to upgrade or downgrade, cancel, skip a month or change your subscription at any time. If using PayPal, you will only have the ability to cancel.

For your first order, your treat box will be dispatched immediately in most cases**(See Below). Each month thereafter your box will be dispatched between the 3rd – 10th of each month. Payment will leave your account on the 1st of each month.

If your dog has any allergies, or you have particular preferences, please ensure you let me know in the notes at checkout and I will always try to accommodate your needs.

** If your first order is made at the very end of the month, it will be dispatched between 3rd – 10th of the following month in the line with the standard dispatch schedule to prevent you receiving 2 boxes very close together.

Currently only available to UK residents.  If you are overseas, please visit the dog deli where you can buy a one off box .


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