Dog Treat – Potato Spinach and Kale Sticks

Tasty vegan dog treat with great health benefits.

Low fat. High source of vitamins .

Hypoallergenic.  Great for sensitive dogs and allergy sufferers .



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Pawtato Dog Chews are a fun and healthy complementary food range for dogs made from organically grown non-GMO sweet potato and rice.

High in phytonutrients and antioxidants as well as being a valuable source of Vitamin A, C and Manganese, sweet potatoes are well known for being one of the top superfoods in the vegetable kingdom.

An excellent hypoallergenic treat for those suffering from allergies and sensitivities, Pawtato chews are not only free from meat, dairy, soya and wheat but they’ve proved irresistible to dogs and are low in fat too!

Peta have recently announced their winners for the first ever Companion Animal Awards 2018, featuring Pawtato Spinach & Kale Sticks as winner for ‘Best Dog Treats’.

Listing only cruelty-free products as winners, all products are 100% free from any animal derivatives or ingredients of any kind.

Pawtato Spinach & Kale Sticks are one of the best selling products from Pawtato, with a sweet potato and rice exterior and tasty spinach and kale filling, these chewy treats are winners not only with Peta but with dogs too!


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