Dog Shampoo Bar – Lavender + Poppy Seed

Award winning Doggy shampoo bars.  Really easy to use.

Eco friendly , kind to your dogs sensitive skin and will leave the coat refreshed, healthy and full of shine.


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Handmade from natural ingredients.  They are SLS, SLES and Paraben free.  Made from dog friendly essential oils.   All products are made using plant based ingredients that are completely natural with no harsh chemicals. Will leave your dog naturally shiny and clean while being kind on their skin.

Coconut oil gives a high foaming and highly cleansing soap.  Perfect for those stinky paws, mucky muzzles and patches of smelly fox poo dogs seem to love.  It is also fantastic for greasy coats.

Lemongrass and Rosemary

This coconut oil soap contains nothing but coconut oil, lye, water, poppy seeds for added ‘grip’,  gorgeous calendula petals, just because they look gorgeous and pure essential oils which are blended to give a burst of summer scent. This particular blend has been likened to lemon sherbet on more than one occasion.


100g, 50g