Hair Scrunchie -Feeling Tealy


So after many appeals to make them, they are finally here.

Hair Scrunchies in our collar fabric.  You can matchy matchy till  your heart is content.  You can have a collar and lead and a matching scrunchie, how cool is that .  If you want to be extra!  Have a matching facemask too.

Super cute designs on 100% cotton.  All handmade in our small studio right here in Devon, in the UK.

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This 90’s classic is back in style.  There is a scrunchie revolution going on so we simply had to let you get your paws on some for your human.

Introducing the Forsyth And Tedd range of handmade scrunchies that match all of our range of dog collars.

You can subtly or not subtly match with your dogs accessories.  I am such a big fan of matchy matchy and often match with Delphine.

Our scrunchies are all handmade, using 100% cotton designer prints.  The core is stretchy elastic and all the seams are hidden.

What are you waiting for!


Outer approx 4inches |10cm

Inner approx 1.5inches|4cm

Care instructions.

100% cotton, machine wash 30 degrees.


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