K9 Connectables – Medium Starter Pack


I am so excited to bring you K9 connectable toys.

They provide mental stimulation which is so important for your dogs mental wellbeing.

You can stuff them with your pups favourite treats, smear peanut butter, chopped up pate or we have the handy bone shaped treats.

There are extra toys you can purchase to add to your starter kit to make this endless fun for you pup.




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Medium Starter Pack Purple Orange Yellow

K9 Connectables are dog toys designed to engage, stimulate and entertain your canine friend for longer than your average dog toys! They utilize your dog’s natural instincts to hunt and work for food, challenging them to unlock the treats inside.

Made from a durable non toxic plastic, K9 Connectables can be stuffed with treats and connected together, the dog can smell the food but cannot get at the treats, they have to work to break the connection and get their rewards!

Exercise alone is never enough for a dog – they need stimulation and to be mentally engaged, K9 Connectables requires dogs to use their brain, satisfies their instincts to break things apart and burns energy. Increase the challenge by connecting more toys or freezing!

These interactive toys can prevent unwanted behaviors forming, they teach dog-appropriate chew items, and teach dogs how to settle, how to handle controlled frustration and how to problem solve.


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