Leather Poo Bag Holder

Poo bag holders have never looked so stylish until now.

These bag holders are made from quality soft leather or wool felt and look fantastic teamed with a leather Nufnuf lead or simply attached to your handbag or rucksack.

Approx 7cm long , they can hold a roll of 100 bags and come in a range of colours.



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Poo bags are a necessary item for any dog owner but they end up in a messy bunch in every coat pocket or in a plastic tube which is unattractive.

Now we can change that with this super stylish, soft leather holder which will look great wherever you go.

Simply put the roll of bags inside the holder and close the popper fastener.  There is a clever slit in the rear so you can dispense the bags one at a time.

Attach to your lead or your handbag or simply carry by the useful handle.

The smart poo bag holder is made of quality soft leather or wool felt. A very trendy way to carry your poo bags.


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