Leonardo Snood


A fleece snood to protects ears, neck and front chest in frosty days.

The design was developed to be combined with winter jackets and winter coats.

Stretch rubber band in two different parts.

Size information below.



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Luxurious warm polar fleece to keep the ears, neck and chest warm.

Size options:

XS1:    30cm  (smaler IG female / small basenji, Chines crested dog – female …)
XS2:    35 cm (IG male, bigger fena / medium basenji, Chines crested dog – male, …)
S1:      40 cm (IG sprinter, WH small female / bigger basenji, beagle fena, …)
S2:      45 cm (WH std. female / beagel male, cocker spaniel female, …)
S3:      50 cm (WH std. male / cocker spaniel male, … )
M1:      55 cm (WH sprinter, saluki female, sloughi female, … / femails of poiters, …)
M2:      60 cm (med. saluki, med. sloughi,  … /males of poiters, RR females, …)
L1:       65 cm (bigger saluki male, medium greyhound, … / medium RR, …)
L2:       70 cm (bigger greyhound, medium botzoi, … / bigger RR, Dogo Argentino, …)
XL1:     80 cm ( IW female, deerhound male, … / medium Great Dane, …)
XL2:     90 cm (IW male / bigger Great Dane, …)

Polar fleece – Microantipeeling 250gm-2 100% PES

Wash with hand-wash regime, do not spin-dry. Do not tumble dry or dry in sunlight. Do not iron.

This product is from SOFA Dog Wear PRODUCTION, s.r.o., Czech Republic.

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