Scooby Suede Leather Dog Toys


Charming, eco friendly dog toy.

100% natural.  Made from jute and suede with coconut fibre filling.

We absolutely love these cute animal shaped toys.  They are so cool.



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Nufnuf products are based on innovative Nordic design and sold in 15 countries worldwide.

Nufnufs range of Scooby suede leather toys are inspired by wild animals and are suitable for dogs of all sizes.  These wonderful whimsical toys are made from 100% natural  materials and are thoughtfully designed for pets allergic to synthetic materials and for pet owners who care for the environment.

Toys are made of jute fabric and covered with real soft suede leather harmless to pets gums and digestion. Filling is coconut fiber. Toys are 100% natural and thus allergy-free.

Material: 100% suede leather and jude rope toy

Models: giraffe, turtle,  flamingo, unicorn, seahorse, penguin,


Flamingo, Penguin, Seahorse, Turtle, Unicorn