Sighthound Collar in Pixelated

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Gorgeous handmade cotton collar.

Stand out from the crowd in this vibrant red print. There are four shades, from burgundy to light orange. All squares are approximately 5mm.

Our sighthound collars are Martingale collars designed to slip over your hound’s head. The collar tightens to fit snugly on the narrowest part of the neck when the dog pulls on the lead. This prevents our sleek four-legged friends from slipping their collars.

See sizing options below.



Patterned cotton collar. Collar comes on black webbing as standard.

Collars are all handmade so the placement of the fabric will always differ slightly from that shown in the photographs.

Sizing options:
Medium/Large – Size: 14”-20”; width 50mm/25mm
Small/Medium – Size: 10”-15”; width: 38mm/25mm
Extra Small – Size: 8” – 12”; width: 38mm/25mm; extra lightweight

This product is from Fawn and Blue.

Collar Size

M/L, S/M


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