Tasty Sprats Dog Treat

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Dogs go crazy for these tasty sprats.

Use them for training or as a topper at dinnertime

Rich in Omega 3 + 6

Wholesome , healthy and delicious.


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Why should you feed your dog sprats?

Sprats are low in fat but high in Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids .  Why is that important?

Our bodies cannot produce 3 and 6 fatty acid we get it from our diet and it is essential to our health.  This is also true for our dogs.  Omega 3 and 6 are known as essential fatty acid. EFAs and are important to maintain our health.  Some pet food manufacturers now include omega 3 and 6 in their food but generally not enough to make a big difference.

Sprats are a true ‘super food’ great for the brain so particularly good for puppies.

  • Good for heart and lung function.
  • Good for circulation.
  • Great for eyes.  Sprats contain DHA and EPA which can improve eyesight.
  • Omega 3 reduces inflammation which can help with all sorts of itchy skin problems and is generally good for a healthy coat. Sprats are high in protein which help produce collagen keeping skin firm and healthy.
  • Sprats are a great training treat as they are easy to handle and can be broken into smaller pieces for puppies and tiny dogs.
  • If you don’t use treats, you can add a few to your dogs dinner every day so they don’t miss out on the nutritional benefits .
  • Supplied in ECO friendly compostable packaging.
  • Sustainably sourced


100% natural air dried fish.

No Additives or preservatives

Each pack contains 75g





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