Forsyth and Tedd - dog collars & dog clothing Plymouth, DevonThe shop was such an ugly room, magnolia walls, ghastly beige carpet, fluorescent strip lights …. a truly  beige and boring room.  If you know me, you will know I have a love of interiors and a feed all about it on Instagram @melliefors  so a beige boring room will never be a space I can breathe in.

There was a wall across the middle of the shop so it was hard to see the space properly and two huge washing machines sat in the corner of the room.

That was the first job, get rid of the wall.  We worked around the machinery, you can probably see in the photos!

Finally, the room was clear and I could see the space.

A million drawings on scraps of paper later, I decided on the new layout.  I needed to prioritise space for Tedd and Delphine behind the counter as I know they will take off on an adventure if they got a chance so make sure they are safe but comfortable with me was my highest priority.

I also should point out that there was no budget for shopfitters to come and do the work, nor was there a budget for purpose-built shop fittings!  My brief to myself was to create a space that was charming, rustic, practical and fun!

A new wall was installed, I ran around for 3 weeks trying to find old scaffold boards to use as my countertop, and I spent hours on eBay sourcing shelving.  Paint samples covered my house.

Forsyth and Tedd - dog collars & dog clothing Plymouth, DevonThe space is evolving is the best way to describe my feeling over this time.  A very ugly window and door blinded my creative spirit –  it had this huge wrought iron grill over the glass that I found overwhelming.  This would eventually be replaced but I wanted to move forward with the rest.

A clearance sale at B&Q bought us some laminate so a new floor went in and the counter came to life.  I finally found some shelves.  I found some fun props to display and gradually the space began to evolve with my style in it.

I really love what I have created in such a small space and it will continue to evolve as my product lines grow and change.  There are so many ideas in the pipeline and I can’t wait to share them with you.

One really big idea was to build an area where you could elevate your dog to try on a new coat or collar or to be measured for a custom coat.  More on that in a later post – so make sure you subscribe.