With less foreign holidays and more dog owners, this year will see more people taking their holiday in the UK and taking their dog with them. So whether you have a Frenchie, Cockapoo, Labrador, Whippet or any other breed. here are some essential tips to help ensure you and your furry pal have a great time.


You dog is used to your routine at home, everything is familiar, but while on holiday routine and familiarity go out the window and we are more spontaneous.  Most dogs adapt quickly but some do not, so ensure you have plenty of natural treats and chews; the most essential item in my opinion.

Allow your dog some time to chew – whilst it is a natural instinct, it is also proven to help reduce anxiety which in turn helps your dog to settle and relax.  If you are renting a holiday cottage or even if you have a hotel room, giving your dog some down time with a chew is essential.

Want a holiday lie-in?  Occupy the dog with a treat.  Take some with you on days out, when you are at a restaurant or cafe, you can give your dog a treat to enjoy so you get to enjoy your food.

Our natural treat boxes are perfect for this, and even better we ship them anywhere in the UK so you can order them just before your holiday (note on your holiday dates on your order) and we can ship them direct to your accommodation saving valuable space in your car.

Why not add a few bags of healthy sausages to use as rewards, a new toy or an antler chew, we can pop them in your parcel too.  All our parcels ship in cardboard packaging so you can just deposit the packaging in the recycling. Browse all our treats here.


Your dog may feel insecure in a new place; their own bed represents a safe space that smells familiar allowing them to curl up and sleep soundly.

If you cannot fit their bed in your car, then buy a portable bed like Hi-K9 and make sure you bring a blanket they are used to sleeping with as it will smell like home, bringing comfort and security.

If your dog sleeps with you in your bed at home, then pack some sheets as your holiday cottage may have a no dog on the bed rule.


You will use them especially in the UK if(?!) there is wet weather or you are near beaches.  Holiday homes never have enough towels for their human guests and they may not appreciate you using their white Egyptian cotton fluffy ones to dry your pup!


When you are on holiday it is unlikely you will leave your dog alone in your holiday home, so take a blanket or mat that can be folded up and taken on  your days out.

When you are in a cafe or sat outside, pop the mat down for your dog to settle on. You will really find this useful if it has been raining so your pup can settle on something dry and comfy and you can relax and eat your meal in peace.

Dogs on holiday wearing nice collars, coats and treats



Take at least two collars, harness or leads plus spare ID tags.  This allows for losing anything, breakages or just if they get wet at the beach you have a spare outfit to keep your pup comfy.

You might want to take an extra smart set to wear if you go out somewhere nice. Luckily we can help you with this as we make a beautiful range of harnesses, collars and leads for every age,  breed and size of dog.  See the Spring/Summer range here.



If you plan to be out everyday its essential to offer your pup plenty of opportunities to have a drink, especially if the weather is warm.  If it’s really hot, refill the bottle and freeze it over night, in the morning take it out and it will gradually defrost during the day so your dog has cool water.

There are plenty of cheap options on Amazon for water bottles with bowls attached, or you can re-purpose one of your plastic water bottles and take a plastic bowl.

If you know the weather will be very hot, a cooling mat or  cooling vest will be be a welcome addition if you are planning on being out in the heat. There are a lot of options on the market starting from around £20 -£50.


Ensure you have a ton of these and always pick up after your dog. Dispose of your waste bags responsibly in a dog waste bin, if you are in a rural or remote and there are no bins, under no circumstances should you throw your bags in the bushes – cattle and wildlife will eat the bags which cause blockages and can die.

If there are no bins, consider a stick and flick option instead of leaving bags for someone else to pick up, or just take them back to your accommodation and put them out with your rubbish.


Hopefully you will not need it, but it is useful to keep in the car, you never know when accidents and cuts can happen and having some essentials will be really useful.  It is also worth knowing the name of a local vet and putting the number in your phone in case of emergencies.


I have taken my dogs on holiday several times in the UK and it is such fun, but so much easier if you are prepared.

Wherever you go, have a fabulous time and share your photos with us on social media @forsythandtedd