Does your dog feel the cold?  Do you know how to tell?

Some dogs feel the cold more than others. You need to consider their size, age and what sort of fur coat they already have.  Dogs that have short hair and small breed dogs are more likely to feel the cold.    Puppies, older dogs or dogs with medical conditions may also need to be kept warm.  You really need to know your own dog and recognise the signs when they really are cold.

Some obvious things to consider is the weather.  If you are outside in your coat and still feel cold, your dog may do too; they might shiver or clamp their tail close to their body.  Feel your dogs ears, are the tips cold?  Yes, then your dog is likely to be cold.

Nowadays we are far more tuned into the needs of our dogs and we recognise that despite our pets having a fur coat that we  all have central heating and our dogs may have acclimatised to.

When we put our coat on and go out, it may be time to put the dogs coat on too especially if you live somewhere really cold.

Dogs in coats running in a snowy wood

I live in the South West of England.  We generally have wet but mild winters, hardly ever any snow so the sort of coat I want will be waterproof and windproof.

If however you live in Canada, you are used to temperatures dropping to -30 or more, you really need to know your dog is well wrapped up.  A warm coat is essential, ears can get frost bitten in minutes.

This great picture (right) is of Avalon and Wilhelmina having fun in the snow in Canada, wrapped up warm including their Forsyth and Tedd snoods. Clearly having great fun.

For my dogs, I like a good quality wax jacket which is why I designed the Forsyth and Tedd range.  It is waterproof, windproof, lined with wool for warmth.

There are two styles.  One for sighthound breeds and one for most other breeds.

Sighthounds are dogs like Whippets, Lurchers, Podencos (like Tedd and Delphine) Galgos, Salukis and Greyhounds. Most of these breeds feel the cold and need a coat.

They all have a long graceful neck and suit our wax jackets as they are designed with this body type in mind.

The long neck on the coat will fold down to reveal the lining which looks smart or you can roll it up when its wet or cold to give more protection.

You can take a look at all our sighthound wax coat options in our shop.

Here’s a picture of Delphine (above) in our camel wax coat with houndstooth wool lining

The other style is our Drench Coat which is suitable for most other breeds.

It is easy to put on, fastened with velcro on the chest and under the belly and comes in a range of linings to suit all requirements.

What I love about these coats is how versatile they are with the weather.  During the milder months you can wear them as a rain coat.

During the winter they are still warm as some are lined with wool, but you can easily add extra warmth. Put a jumper on underneath and for the finishing touch a warm snood to tuck around the neck and over the ears.

here’s a selection of pooches in some of different ranges:


As well as our own brand, Hurtta make great coats for dogs. They are a well respected brand available worldwide and use a lot of technical fabric.

Their overalls, feature in our headline photo with Ned, and are great for warmth.  Whilst we found them quite fiddly to put on,they look great and are effective against the cold and wet.  We have a selection of Hurtta dog overalls and coats in our shop.

If your dog doesn’t need a coat, maybe they are a spaniel who jumps in the lake come rain or shine, then you could consider a drying jacket.

There are a lot of these on the market, even drying bags.  I looked at loads when I was sourcing a supplier and I settled on the Ruff and Tumble range.  It is gorgeous and we sell loads of them as they are just so practical.

I have lived with a Springer Spaniel who loved water,  she was fine out running around, but as soon as we would get back to the car and towel her off, she would start to shiver.  Keep your drying coat in the car so you can pop it on after a walk is a great idea.


It has towelling on the inside and a soft velour on the outside.

The neck folds up and you can tuck the ears right inside; there is also a wide adjustable strap across the tummy to tighten right in or right out.

It will dry your dog off on the car journey home, keep them warm and keep your car clean.

The drying coat is also great to put on in the house after a muddy walk or after a bath.  It keeps your house clean and contains the dirt, then just throw it in the washing machine.


I hope this post has been useful and helps with your dog coat purchases to keep your dogs are warm and dry in the winter.