I’ve often heard people talk about pivotal moments in their own lives and say ‘ it was meant to be’
or ‘it just felt right.’

For 12 years I’ve worked for a national company. I loved my job, don’t get me wrong, I was
successful always winning prizes and holidays and beating all my targets, but I always felt there
was something missing.

Then Tedd came to me and he was such a joy, I desperately wanted more time to enjoy with him.
When Delphine arrived the feeling grew. I dreamed of selling enough dog jackets to leave the
hamster wheel of the corporate world and strike out on my own. It was just a dream. No way
could I give up my safety net of a salary. I became increasingly frustrated at being stuck in my life.
One chance meeting has changed everything.

Whilst walking Tedd and Delphine I met a lovely lady called Sarah. We got talking about life and
the expectations placed upon you, particularly within work and by employers. She told me to follow
my dream, that if I want something that bad, I should just go get it, what’s the worse that can
happen. Employers will always flog a willing horse she said.

As I left her, I thought about all she had said and realised she was completely right. The work life
balance I so wanted was just not there. I worked all day for someone else, then came home and
worked all night! for myself! I was tired and felt grouchy and dissatisfied. I live alone and the
responsibility of all the bills sits heavily on my shoulders, but if I never ever take a chance I will be
stuck in this vicious cycle forever.

As I pondered all the niggles that life had thrown me, I received a text. It was from a friend of mine
who knew I made the jackets and had often heard me say how I needed a sewing workshop to
work from as my house no longer looked like a home with piles of fabric and sewing equipment
everywhere. The text showed the front of a small unit with a to let sign. I closed my phone, not
really absorbing the image and moaned to myself all the way home.

Later that same day, I still felt profoundly moved by Sarah’s words, if she can do it, why can’t I!? I
looked at the image again and rang the landlord.

He was such a nice man, we talked for a while, he told me all about the estate and how friendly it
was there, and he said, come and look, no obligation but come and see the unit for yourself. I
jumped in the car there and then and went and viewed the building.
The minute I stepped in the door, I knew! It just felt overwhelming right. The building is small and
has two rooms upstairs which are of ample size for me to design, cut and sew my dog jackets
and expand my range.

The icing on the cake for me was downstairs. It is a shop! I can set up a proper dog shop! As I
stood there looking at the bare walls of a small industrial unit, my imagination soared. I could see
where my shop counter will be, I can imagine Tedd and Delphine sitting behind the counter with me,
I can see my products displayed and I can see how I can showcase other small brands within the

There and then the axis of my world shifted. I said yes straight away, no hesitation, no doubt, no

This is it, we have stepped on to the road of our future …………….